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Ebola virus fever and prevention methods

Disease Remedy,Ebola,PREVENTION

Prevention-EbolaRecently, the whole world was horrified by the virus induces a new kind of a fever. Fatal and serious deadly fever Ebola hemorrhagic fever (Ebola HF) is also known, which is responsible for (Ebola Virus) or (EBOV). Scientists are still going to try to prevent Ebola fever, but unfortunately no effective vaccines have been developed yet. So stay alert at this time the most important. Find out how to stay safe from this fever Ebola virus.

Signs and symptoms of Ebola

  • Ebola virus causes sudden fever. It can be compared with symptoms of influenza. Fatigue, fever, headache, and inflammation of the muscles and bones of the ground connection, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea and loss of appetite in the major signs of the disease.
  • Some may also have other symptoms. For example, neck pain, chest pain, hiccup rise to some problems with swallowing and breathing problems.
  • A patient with bowel and colon, vagina, nose and gums may be blood. Eyes red may become blood disease may be.
  • The final stage of the infection can lead to multiple organ dysfunction syndromes, the patient may die.

The way to prevent

  • Understand how the disease is spread: Ebola can be spread in several ways, such as the patient’s body or excreted from the body in contact with blood or other fluids in the body of a healthy person is infected with the virus. The patient’s clothing, needles used for injections, the virus could spread to the bed.
  • So stay safe from the suspected area: If an area of ​​the Ebola virus has been reported, however, be careful about where to place.
  • Avoid eating wild-caught bush meat: Many different animals of the forest hunting hobby. Many wild animals, meat is sold in the market. Scientists fear Ebola virus can be spread through the meat of wild animals. So be careful.
  • Keep yourself safe: Know the symptoms described in the first part of the text. Protect yourself from Ebola virus infection.
  • Wear protective clothes: patient visits or to attend the course in virus-resistant clothing.
  • Stay clean and hygienic: used for patient care in all things, which will have the responsibility to keep it clean and also continued, his hands should be cleaned properly.

What to do when attacked?

1) Make a quick consult doctor.

2) Drink lots of water, so that the body of water does not meet the void.

3) To measure blood pressure on a regular basis.

4) Keep the environment that has plenty of oxygen.

5) When there is no signs of disease quickly inform doctor.

6) Take a rest. Keep track of the regular or the market has been invented is no antidote.

There is no antidote fever Ebola virus at the moment, so it’s always the best way to prevent the system. Stay alert, stay healthy.

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