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When infected Ebola what you do?

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Ebola outbreak is increasing with increasing alarm. The West African country has more than thousands of people are infected.
But this is how to protect you from germs; scientists are trying to learn about it now. Here are the details:

Avoid touching alive
Any fluid out of the body, blood, vomit or saliva from one body to another body through the Ebola can spread germs. Those who serve patients most at risk. However, they can be infected patient who flew direct contact.

For that reason, emergency medical services, who are, or who are wearing appropriate clothing, the only ones who are able to go around the patient.
Ebola virus cannot be transmitted through secure clothing.
Ebola resistant clothing, those who wear this dress, the body temperature of 40 degrees Celsius inside the attire can be higher. This is the highest risk of infection during a change of clothing.

Eyes cover
Particles of water in contact with your body when Ebola transmits quickly with soap and water or with alcohol-based sanitizers and wash the place. In the eyes of the different types of dangers. Steam from the eye of the patient sneezes, love, tears mingled with the Ebola germs can enter the human body.
Similarly, saliva or skin lesions of any kind, if the infection can occur through it.

Dress in bleaching alert
Ebola is the most awful thing is dripping blood. The patient’s eyes, ears, nose, mouth and anus are bleeding. There may be blood in the diarrhea and vomiting. As a result of the infection, the more likely the patient’s clothing in the wash. To avoid this risk, it must be burned immediately after the change in the patient’s clothing. Medical equipment wills sterilize. If you do not it will breed bacteria quickly.

Use Condoms
Ebola disease or any other normal circumstances, after recovering from the infection does not spread germs from the body of the patient because the doctors have to say. But after three months of curing the patient’s semen was found on the Ebola virus. Three months after the healing of the doctors advised to abstain from sex or use condoms.

Soap-water weapons
Soap, water and alcohol-based sanitizers are very effective against Ebola. These are used by the Ebola Ribonucleic acid or RNA cells are destroyed. Antibiotics die.
Health officials say there is little risk of the spread of the Ebola infection. They said, entering the country for a total of 25 points. 20., and 19 trips across the border in India. Health officials are working team at the 25-point.

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