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Swine Influenza


Swine influenza or swine influenza virus. April 2009 of these viruses, a few countries in the world have been identified as the cause of human death. It could be found among the pigs, which the pigs were infected with the influenza. Respiratory infection, it is similar to other influenza viruses. Before Swine influenza viruses do not infect humans, however, the idea being, the virus emerged people in April 2009, pigs and birds of Influenza. This influenza virus type A (H1N1).
June 2009 World Health Organization in to 74 countries around the world due to the presence of the new H1N1 influenza virus infection in the recent state of the global epidemic (Pandemic) has been identified. According to the World Health Organization to be the worst in human history and the recent swine flu outbreak is observed.

How does swine flu spread to humans?
Humans, pigs and birds combined with the emergence of this form of the influenza virus is believed to have infected people in the pig. The difference is that with the end of the previous avian influenza, human-to-human spread of swine influenza capable. Which is not seen in the case of avian influenza?

Since the influenza virus enters the human body, throttle position, and therefore the swine influenza virus is spread through respiration. It takes place in the upper respiratory tract. The virus can be spread through coughing and people affected. Not only used by an infected person, such as lifeless objects, wipe, door handle, etc. The virus can be spread. 1 day before symptoms become apparent to a person with cancer can infect others up to 7 days or more days. The influenza virus is not spread through food or blood.

The symptoms of swine influenza virus and other symptoms similar to influenza virus. The symptoms of swine flu cases in the fever, headache, sore throat, and body aches, exhaustion, hunger, depression and feeling lazy, weight loss and tribes.

Who dangerous from this Virus?
The human immune system, especially children and the elderly are less dangerous than the swine flu to others. Humans infected with the disease in asthma and should be especially careful about the flu. Moreover, those who are suffering from a decrease in the immune system, such as AIDS, they should be particularly cautious.

Precaution against swine flu
Swine flu to keep yourself away from the need to do everything to keep the body healthy. If the flu yourself that it does not affect others should be aware of. All that can help to prevent swine flu,

• During the time in the face of illness, cough, use napkins.
• Lifeless objects such as door knobs, computer keyboard, mouse, etc. on a regular basis to keep it clean with a destructive virus.
• The cold and sarcastic use tissue paper to clean and safe place after use and remove.
• Wash hands with soap and water to keep it clean all the time, especially after cough and final clean hands with soap and clean. Wash hands with soap and wash hands with soap at least 20 seconds long. Then, like a good soap with water to remove.
• Stay away from sick people.
• Receive emergency care if attacked.
When infected with the school, college or home from the workplace, are safer than others, so that others are not infected.

Detecting means
For the diagnosis of the presence of swine influenza virus first suspected person’s saliva, nasal fluid samples were collected. Samples collected seniors transport media (VTM) – Saves the sampling was taken to the laboratory. Subsequent to the sample nucleic acid extrusion. Then reverse transcription PCR swine influenza virus in the presence of the sample can be determined. Sophisticated real-time reverse transcription PCR of the virus very quickly made it possible to determine the presence and numbers.

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