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Carbohydrates are not necessarily damage


Many carbohydrate-rich foods to avoid for fear of weight gain. The idea of ​​the damage means less carbohydrate. Lots of calories and carbohydrates as the weight increases.
However, the material of the body has the necessary demand.

All carbohydrates are not harmful. According to experts, since the body is the most important and necessary element of water. A little knowledge can be a healthy weight and taking the right carbohydrate.

Why Eat
• carbohydrate energy supply
• Activity helps glucose blood cells
• enhances the performance of the brain
• cellulose by eliminating food constipation

Sugar, alcohol and fiber carbohydrates are the main components. Carbohydrates increases blood sugar. However, much of it between the glycemic index or GI is set to increase.

Considering the GI factor of carbohydrate can be divided into several cavities:
Simple carbohydrates
Potatoes, rice, pasta, oatmeal, milk, asparagus, bit, ripe fruit, etc. are low GI.

Complex carbohydrates
Peas, bread, soybean, corn, vegetables, mushrooms, sea-food, peanut, meat, dhemrasa, garlic, onions, etc. are more than GI.

Both simple and complex carbohydrates are converted into glucose and blood.

Simple carbohydrates are then placed under the control of blood sugar slowly to cause glucose to produce energy. Complex carbohydrates can increase the amount of blood sugar.

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