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Important Health Tips


Do not eat unsaturated fat
Unsaturated fat intake to reduce the amount of 1 per cent a year, but you can reduce the body from the harmful LDL cholesterol significantly. This cholesterol puts you at risk of heart disease. This kind of fat is now excluded from the food, but they could have gone absolutely. So good to read the text on the labels when buying food.


Eat foods rich in potassium
A US study found that for every additional one thousand milligrams of potassium in the body reduces blood pressure. Eat foods that are rich in potassium. There is a good source of potassium 420 mg. The sweet potato and fish have enough potassium.

Continued to sleep
Those patients suffering from sleep undisturbed on the Insomnia than 45 percent higher risk of heart attack. According to a Norwegian study. Just 30 minutes of physical activity three times a week can increase your sleep. The fruit does not want to practice. Be patient. It could take a few months to get the results, US researchers said.

But do not sleep over
The same problem can be more or additional sleeping. 10 hours or more than those who sleep at night increases the risks of heart disease, the journal refers to slip. That being said, the more I sleep a bit of weight, mental health weakens. 7 to 9 hours of sleep a day will soon come to the amusement go to the doctor.

Keep the hand motion
A little practice four days a week to keep the hand motion may reduce your blood pressure by 10 percent. In this regard, it has been said in the journal Hypertension. The researcher’s stress that puts you in the first to perform this exercise, the blood is re. Two to four times by two minutes of regular exercise to the wrist. Each time one minute before starting to take repose.

Day run
Get some exercise in the course of the week. Can be run three kilometers. Gradually increase the time and distance traveled. Seeing the doctor make any big changes. For example, if the level of your heart race the 185 BPM writing is but a signal for you. I.e. the level of artery walls of your heart may be weak, either.

Take a breath drag
Stop-slow breathing. Breathe 5 times every 30 seconds. This will reduce your blood pressure at least 4 MMHG levels systolic. Hypertension Research’s study. If you can inspire such deep continuous control of your blood pressure will be long-term.

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