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Symptoms of cervix cancer, remedy


The way in which the cervix is ​​the lower part of the uterus or vagina continuous delivery. In this part of the bile duct cancer in different parts of the uterus feared most. Additional white discharge, malodorous discharge, excessive or irregular bleeding, bleeding after sexual intercourse, menstruation stopped after re-bleeding, waist, abdomen or cervix cancer symptoms as signs of pain urute. Sexual young people who have become accustomed to the higher risk of their cancer. With more than one man, or men and women with more than one partner or the child is frequently the consequence of cervix cancer. This disease is more likely to be early marriage of girls.

All of a sudden, one day, or a month from the cancer cells are not normal cervical cancer takes about 10-15 years. By the treatment of patients diagnosed with the early stages like this could be 100 percent. Symptoms of the disease are beginning to see if lower doses do not want to give it some importance. So on behalf of patients in the early stages is often not possible to come. In fact, the spread of the disease after late to save the life of the operation and Radiotherapy is possible, though not yet fully cured.

Cervix cancer can be prevented through regular check-ups. All the women that were free from the disease for more than 30 years of age (early marriage is more than 25) the disease to their wives every three years by the doctor or health worker cervix should be examined. VIA -VIA (Visual Inspection of Cervix with Acetic acid), PAP smear tests, etc. can detect the disease at its early stages of the disease.

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