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What is a heart attack? Because, symptoms, prevention and cure

Heart Attack

Blood supply to the heart is constantly in our whole body. Avoid getting nutrition through the blood cells of our body. Where does the heart itself nutrition? Two smaller arteries on the heart of the coronary artery. These nutrients to heart. If you missed any of the coronary arteries is caused by a blocked artery in the area of ​​the artery or blood carries nutrients to the heart muscle does not work everywhere. When a heart attack is. The name of the academic myocardial infarction.

Chest pain is felt in the heart of it. The pain lasts 20-30 minutes. In most cases patients died before reaching the hospital. So it is a medical emergency.

When is?
May at any time.
→ may be time to sleep
→ may be time to rest
→ after a sudden heavy manual labor may be
→ went out of the cold weather, they can be
→ Emotional stress may be

Because of a heart attack
→> atherosclerosis, blood clots in coronary arteries to become thick and artery wall could not be easier blood flow.
Thrombus formation

Atherosclerotic stenosis

Coronary artery stenosis

MI [heart attack]

And →> chronic coronary spajam

Heart attack risk factor is something that can not be controlled. For example,
→ Age
→ sex
→ hereditary
Some of the controls are worthy of a heart attack risk factor. For example,
→ Smoking
→ High blood pressure
→ Hyper lepidemiya
→ to fat
→ Lack of physical activity
→ high-fat food intake and eat less fiber national food
→ stress
→ drinking
→ haipo istrojenomiya
→ birth control pill

Understand how a heart attack?
Will be severe chest pain. It would include:
→ suddenly feel as if something heavy sitting on your chest
→ The band around the chest, feeling the pain
→ It would seem as if the chest pain, chest are chip
→ The upper part of the stomach will not digest the burning
→ small breathing
→ The sweat
→ Fainting
→ appear blurred
→ vomiting, these may be

And what can not be?
Do not drive yourself to the hospital leave
Do not delay a moment to go to the hospital.

What should be done?
→ Have a heart attack patient immediately catch aspirin / wyarapherin drugs were well fed. This will stop the blood coagulation.
→ to spray nitroglycerin under the tongue.
→ keep assuring patient

Various types of treatment can be taken to the hospital after the doctor. In accordance with the doctor –
→ ECG can
→ by means of artificial oxygen
→ your hand intravenous fluid (Medicine) can
Can you give nitroglycerin →
→ Also, understand other medical conditions your doctor can give you.
If the medicine does not work, then you have to go to the table where the surgeon
→ What will be your block Angiogram
→ If the block is over, and if that does not work by medicine enajioplasti to be done. Some of the smaller arteries in this manner will be put on the micro-ring.

Yet again in the future, even if you have a heart attack or bypass surgery, open heart surgery may be required. The surgeon in your surgery, your heart is a vein from the leg vein (Great saphenasa vein) with the cut ansadiye problematic artery bypass road can be a normal blood flow.

– Do not smoke
– Stay away from drugs
– Do not worry
– To keep blood pressure normal
Diabetes Control
– Cholesterol Control
– Eating a low fat diet
– Vegetables – Eat more fruits
– Take off the extra weight of the body
– Physical exercise every day. Walking at least 30 minutes

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