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Pregnancy after 28-yr a risk


When the doctor heard Ms Sayla Rahman had crossed the age 28, he marked her as a ‘High Risk Mother’ on the top of the prescription. Sayla said, ‘I had just completed my post-graduation and joined Bangladesh Civil Service, then I have decided to take a baby but you are saying I am a High Risk Mother!
The doctor replied, ‘Your age makes you a risky mother’.

A bank officer Rahela Siddiqi (not real) lives at Malibagh, Dhaka. She took the decision of impregnation in June, 2014. But after two months she had a miscarriage. She was heart-broken. Again she had a miscarriage in April this year.

According the specialists, the risk of conception is higher for women of older age. This challenge takes place to the girls who want to be mothers for first time after 28 years of their age. Not only the risk of miscarriage, they also face danger in giving birth to their babies.

Professor Rezaul Karim Kazal, Associate Professor of Gynecology and Obstacle Department of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) said to banglanews, this is an affect of urbanizations. Many mothers can’t take it easily when we mark them as ‘risky mothers’.

He said mothers usually fall in risk for the first baby when they cross the age 28. This risk increases when they cross 30 years and most vulnerable time comes when the cross the age 35. Diabetics and high blood pressure naturally grow in a girl’s body this time. These things stand as dangerous for conception.

When girls want to be a mother at older age, the question arises in giving the birth of a healthy and normal baby.

BSMMU Institute of Pediatric Neuro-disorder and Autism (IPNA) Project Director Professor Sahin Akhter told banglanews that there are no specific causes of autism.

But we have some guesses and the main cause would be genetic. An old-age conception might be another reason for autism. Environmental pollution due to urbanization is another cause, she claimed.

Earlier in 2013, Bangladesh government conducted a survey by community health providers. It shows that, around three percent children of Dhaka city are suffering from autism. On the other hand, the rate is only 0.7 in rural areas.

Dr. Kazal have mentioned three other points liable for miscarriage for the first baby of a mother.

Not only the older age of a mother, the doctor further pointed to the environmental hazard. According to him, air, water as well as foods of this city are carrying poisonous elements. Excessive use of the formalin, marquis, steroid and hormone in foods are pushing the mothers in risk.

Easy access of antibiotic and other pain killers are harmful for mother’s health.

The natural cause like structural defects of uterus or other illnesses also keep the expected mothers in risk.

Dr. Kazal mentioned the years from 20 to 25 are the best age for a mother for conceiving a baby. This time the girls’ fertility remains in a better condition. Our government has announced that not to get marry and take baby before the age of 18, but they never talk about the suitable age of conception.

Government should to circulate that girls are safe for taking a baby before the age of 25, he added.

The specialists opined that the miscarriage rate is gradually growing globally in the past decade. According to World Health Organization, one of every four mothers is suffering from miscarriage. An international magazine on health ‘Lancet’ said every year there are 5 crore and 60 lakh abortions in the world. This rate is awful.

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