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When Your Child Has Severs Allergies

Certain foods, insect bites and stings, and some medications can cause allergic reactions in children who are sensitive to them. Anaphylaxis is the most severe type of allergic reaction. It may occur from a few minutes to an hour or two after contact with an allergen (a substance to which someone is allergic). Anaphylaxis can […]

Traveling Despite Asthma and Allergies; Suggestions to help control symptoms

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Traveling can expose you to new triggers for allergies and asthma, but planning ahead can help you breathe a bit easier while you’re away. The American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology offers these travel suggestions: -Pack your asthma and allergy meds in carry-on bags, and keep them in their original containers. -Continue to take […]

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Asthma and Food Allergies

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Asthma and food allergies are both common conditions. Some people have both. With asthma, the airways become narrow. This makes it hard to breathe. The most common type of asthma is allergic asthma when an allergic reaction sets off asthma symptoms. Common asthma symptoms include coughing, wheezing, and tightness in your chest. A food allergy […]

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Hives in Children

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What is urticaria? Urticaria, or hives, is a condition in which red, itchy, and swollen areas appear on the skin–usually as an allergic reaction from eating certain foods or taking certain medications, though sometimes the cause may be unknown. Hives can vary in size from one-half inch to several inches in size. Hives can appear […]

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What You Need to Know About Hives

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Hives occur when something prompts cells to release histamine, a chemical found in the skin. The histamine causes nearby blood vessels to dilate. Fluid leaks out of the dilated vessels and collects under the skin in a raised, flushed, itchy bump called a wheal or hive. Some wheals look like mosquito bites. Wheals often come […]

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Can You Outgrow Severe Allergies?

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In severe cases, allergies can cause serious reactions, such as seizures, shock and even death. So wouldn’t it be great if you or your child could simply outgrow a serious allergy? In some cases, it’s possible. Learn which allergies you can outgrow—and how you can tell if you’re in the clear. Most Children’s Food Allergies […]

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Can You Suddenly Become Allergic to Something?

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Question: How can you suddenly become allergic to something you’ve never been allergic to before? Answer: Allergic reactions come from activity in your immune system. Your immune system looks at every protein it comes across as either “friend” or “foe.” Allergies happen when the immune system reacts against a food or environmental protein that should […]

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Grass Allergies Are Nothing to Sneeze At

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If you’re set back by sniffles, congestion and sneezing every spring, it’s likely you have seasonal allergies. But what are you really allergic to? One common spring allergen is grass. Find out what you need to know about grass allergies and how to treat them. Symptoms of Grass Allergies Seasonal allergies, also called seasonal allergic […]

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How Does Changing Weather Affect Allergies?

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For a lot of people, fall and spring are considered “allergy season.” But the truth is, every month and season brings its own host of allergy-triggering troublemakers. You’ll experience allergy symptoms whenever the substance you’re allergic to is circulating in the air—no matter what time of year it is. Take a look at what you […]

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Allergy Tips for Fall Sports Fans

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For many of us, fall means tailgates, touchdowns, and lots of team pride. But for the 10% of people who have ragweed allergies, it also means stuffy noses, sniffles, and sneezing. Follow these allergy tips so you can worry about the scoreboard—not your symptoms. What Causes Fall Allergies? Allergy symptoms such as a stuffy nose […]

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