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Things that important for eye care

Proper eye care is very important to protect your eyes from harmful UV sun rays which can damage the skin around the eyes, including the eyelids, and make them vulnerable to wrinkles, burning sensation and dark circles. A high quality pair of sunglasses, along with daily eye care, can help, suggest experts. *Tinted colour glasses […]

Headaches due to eye problems, 5 specific issues

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Today is a very headache? Do you have a migraine or something else? But this idea may not be true. It may be that the headache is due to the eye. Many folks are headache, knows his eye power imbalance. When it is not totally correct. The eyes of many of the problems could be […]

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Daily eye care

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Beauty is in the eye of the application is eternal. One of the most sensitive organs in the eyes of the people. And with a unique means of expression. The eyes are so many things all day. And so you should take care of yourself, dear eyes regularly. Is not it? Daily responsibilities a little […]

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How eye contact can backfire

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Disease Remedy: We’re often told to maintain eye contact when speaking with others. But a new study published in the journal Psychological Science is poking holes in the theory that looking deep into someone’s eyes shows interest and boosts persuasion. In fact, the University of British Columbia researchers report that in the midst of an […]

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Avoid Eye Strain When Using Computers

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If you spend most of your weekday sitting in front of a video display terminal, you’ve probably noticed that using a computer can be a pain in the neck, the eyes and almost every other part of your body! It’s no wonder computers cause eye strain. Studies have shown that computer users tend to stare […]

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Easy ways to protect your eyes

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Eyes are the most sensitive organ of the human body .Taking care of your eyes is very important. There are a lot of ways you can keep your eyes in perfect health . Some of them are elaborated below : -Whenever you have problems like itching, uneasiness in your eyes go for eye check-up. -Use […]

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