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Evaluate Your Eating Habits to help you lose weight

If you have tried various diets and can not seem to lose weight, maybe it is time to re-evaluate your eating habits. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers these suggestions: -Keep a diary of all foods you eat, when you ate them, how you were feeling, and what you were doing when […]

What kind of diet will help you lose weight

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Have you ever started the same diet as a friend to seen the weight drop off them while you barely shed a kilo and continue to feel hungry It’s easy to put your inability to stick to a diet on your frail will power but a recent study suggests that losing weight and maintaining your […]

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Do you tire from climbing stairs while your dad hops along in front of you An increasing number of young people are compromising heart health because of lifestyle choices that start in early childhood. A recent report from the British Heart Foundation found that 44 per cent of adults never exercise. The good news is […]

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Should you try an all- fruit diet?

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But the outcome landed both of them on a hospital bed. In the name of weight loss we follow whatever diet comes our way without questioning the limitations, impact and effect of the diet on your body in the long run. Same goes with all – fruit diet, it seems promising enough to help you […]

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Diet essentials for working women

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Most working women goof up big time on right intake of diet. Here are a few tips Earning a good career, a good position is always dream for every workaholic! Handling umpteen things like meeting targets, maintaining schedules, meeting deadlines, travelling–it drains you out for sure. And if you are a working woman, stress is […]

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10 ways to stay well

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Many people are upset for no reason. Do not feel bad or smile very harmful for health. If the man does not just look pretty sunny, like the organs of the body, including the heart. 10 ways to get the best prices. Just a little smile! Time to go out in the morning unknown person […]

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Why do you need to sleep 7-8 hours a day?

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Health experts from seven to eight hours of continuous sleep at night, often in need of. Each of the many studies worldwide and has proven its necessity. A study conducted by the continuation of the new, to avoid inflammation of the body, there is the option to sleep seven to eight hours. Researchers at the […]

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Exercise advice unrealistic – Experts

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Researchers say current exercise guidelines are unrealistic and argue that doctors should sometimes advise small increases in activity instead. They warn the 150-minute weekly target is beyond the reach of some people – particularly older individuals. And striving to reach these goals could mean the benefits of lighter exercise are overlooked. But public health officials […]

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How to keep fit without exercising

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Your daily routine provides great opportunities to keep fit. Here are how, reports The Times of India. Most of us want to do something for our fitness, but just don’t manage to hit the gym or go for exercising. But our daily lives give us ample opportunities to keep the body fit by just keeping […]

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Secret to looking and feeling young

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Do you want to defy age? Here’s what you can do to keep looking fresh and young. They say age is only a number. And it is true to quite an extent. But still there are few things you can do too defy age and look fresh and young, reports The Times of India. Think […]

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